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August 22, 2020 | Italy, Milan, Women Milan

Irene Pretoriani psychologist

Dr. Irene Pretoriani,  Psychologist, completed her Master Degree in Psychology with first class honors at San Raffaele University in Milan. Since her childhood Irene had the opportunity to relate to different languages and cultures. During her studies Irene had the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus + program, spending a period in Spain. Irene is passionate about languages, and she speaks English, Spanish and German fluently. She put her theoretical knowledge into practice at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, doing clinical activities in the alcoholism and drug addiction department. Irene currently conducts psychological interviews at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan and she’s working in school assistance for a Social Cooperative. With her colleague Dr. Eleonora Zuliani, she founded Wind Rose, a psychological support service for Milan based expats and for Italians living abroad.

Wind Rose has a parenting support service to help deal with the emotional, relational and communicative complexity that often characterises the parent/child relationship with children. This service is aimed to support families living abroad and also the parents of those students who have decided to spend a period of study abroad.

The most common issues for families living abroad are related to culture shock and the whole process of adaptation and integration of the foreign culture. Moreover, for families, the common issues regarding all the expat community are magnified by the need to take care of children’s relocation too, which involves practical aspects, such as choosing whether to send them to a local or an international school, combined with the need to provide emotional support and help them adjusting to their new environment.” Irene

Read the full interview with Irene about how Wind Rose can help families living abroad.

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Via Stradivari 8, 20131, Milano
+39 329 2128103

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