Eco-Excursions in English

October 11, 2018 | Activities, Catalonia, Sitges, Spain

Matthew Treadwell, an experienced guide and father of 2 children, offers eco-excursions in English in the Sitges, Sant Pere and Olivella area. Informative, educational and fun he offers itineraries of different lengths, which can be modified to suit any particular group.

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5 responses to “Eco-Excursions in English”

  1. Quim Miñano says:

    Absolutely recommended. Matt is a great nature observer and photographer. For sure your children will enjoy discovering our natural beauties, like the Garraf Natural Parc, and our vineyards, caves, cliffs and forests. Our wild fauna is quite diverse and spectacular (boars, mustelids, foxes, turtles, eagles and colorful bee-eaters, snakes, lizards, frogs, salamanders, and many different insects).

  2. Daniel ward says:

    My kids love you the walks with Matt, Not only are they fun and educational for the kids adults learn so much to. My kids love the walks when the edible flowers are out, such a healthy day out.

  3. Carsten Schneider says:

    We have been on countless trips with Matt. Each single one was a stunning experience for the kids – and also us parents. Everyone MUST go on a trip organized by Matt at least once, believe me!

  4. Raj Airey says:

    We always enjoy our walks with you and the boys. Our kids learn from your tremendous knowledge and get enthusiastic once they see and hear you explain what they are seeing.

  5. Tanya says:

    We feel very lucky to find Matthew for the group of the kids from our school. He is a fantástic guide and make it so exciting for the kids…His excursions are real treasure and give an important knowledge of nature around us and educate and develop love and care for it.

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