Relocating to a different country can be a daunting process.


Among all the logistics, with young children in the mix you’ll need to think carefully about continuing their education abroad. It’s not as easy as just a quick flight and walking into the nearest school. There are many questions to consider.


Will they join an international school? Will they join a local school? Will they make friends? Can they pick the language up? Will this help them attend university back home? Is this school within driving distance? Is it actually affordable?


In this section of MumAbroad, we have extensive directories of international schools in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. These include international schools, bilingual schools, local schools, state schools, private schools, Montessori schools, nurseries, and more. Where available, parents just like you have listed their comments about a particular institution.


Please do add your own comments to a school listing your child is attending to help other parents and mums abroad make one of the most important decisions of their children’s lives.


Find the Right School for Your Children in Spain, France, Italy and Germany

The first decision you’ll likely make is whether you’re looking for international schools (usually private) or local schools (usually state-run and typically free).


There are pros & cons to both options. Parents with very young children often find enrolling them in a local school is the best option, as the children tend to pick up the local language and even local dialect fairly quickly. They learn as the play with other children and immerse themselves in the local language and culture from the get go. Young children can move smoothly through the school system alongside children who are native to the country. For more insights into raising bilingual children, check out our blogpost on the top 10 problems of growing up multilingual.


Parents with older children may choose to enroll them in an international school. There they can continue their studies within the same curriculum as their home country. Older children can find it tougher to learn a local language – not to mention the concerns of fitting in. With the right approach the problem in our parents’ experiences is quickly overcome as your children make friends with others just like them.



Educational Specialists & Educational Support Abroad

Families relocating abroad face many doubts and queries about how a local school system works.


They worry about raising their multilingual children, making sure their children can read and write in a parent’s native language and/or their mother tongue, and they how a child with unique learning challenges will adapt and thrive. Many times extra support is needed beyond what a local school can provide. To help you, MumAbroad has a directory of leading educational specialists in Spain, France, Germany and Italy.


All our education experts specialise in the expat or international context.



MumAbroad Guides to Spain, France, Italy & Germany

Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of visiting Europe and sampling the culture and language.


For these exact reasons, or for work and sometimes pleasure, we want our children to taste a very different life. Spain, France, Italy and Germany are the top European countries for expats and globally-mobile families. Each are considered welcoming, safe, and packed full of culture. If you’ve already made the decision that you’re moving to Europe – or if you’re still at the idea stage – our MumAbroad guides walk through the top nine challenges for moving to each of our target countries.