One of the most profound decisions facing international families is what kind or style of education in France will we choose for our children. Whether to follow the French system or opt for one of the numerous top international schools is hotly debated amongst Expats from around the world. 

From École Maternelle to Primaire, through Collège to Lycée, France boasts a broad range of highly regarded options at every stage of your child’s education with a myriad of different international curriculums taught in private, semi-private and even some state schools.

Weighing up the benefits of each type of system is a hugely personal decision, with factors such languages spoken, whether your family plans to remain in France long-term, the exam system in place and of course your child’s unique interests, skills and personality.

Whatever your choice, the following section aims to give an insight into the options available to parents here in France with the directory of the best international and multilingual schools in cities including Paris, Lyon, Nice and Toulouse.

In the French School System section below, you will also find detailed information about the different stages of education within the French national curriculum. Do please add your own comments and feedback for a school your child is attending, to help other parents make this important decision for their own families.