Educational Specialists

Raising multilingual children abroad comes with a series of important decisions when it comes to education. International families in Spain, France, Italy and Germany have extensive options when educating their children, from local schools (some with a dedicated international department) to the best multilingual private schools.


Living abroad as a parent often means learning about new education systems, exams and coping with language barriers. But there are some incredible businesses, individuals and resources offering support and advice across all aspects of education. Many households need extra support with homework in a second language and face additional challenges such as learning a new language or maintaining written and spoken proficiency in their original mother tongue. Children and young people face a myriad of pressures, particularly during key exams. For English- speaking families living and working abroad, help with exam preparation and revision, private language tuition and small group classes can make a world of difference.


Our growing network of Education Specialists in France, Spain, Germany and Italy includes experienced teachers, the best private tutors, dedicated exam consultants and academic support for expat families living abroad. For teenagers considering pursuing higher education in the UK, the USA or further afield, there are qualified experts able to guide them through the research and application process, to ensure they find the perfect next step after school.


We can also recommend English-speaking experts and speech therapists specialising in the diagnosis of and support with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other behavioural issues. Many education specialists are highly experienced in working with expat families from all over the world and are well equipped to reassure and help parents and their children growing up abroad. Browse our featured educational specialists from tutors to international schools advisors, ensuring your child gets the very best start in life. If you would like to be featured in this section please email us