Eily Hsu, mother of two, is searching for innovative products to bring to families in Europe

July 30, 2020 | Blog, My Story, Parenting

WONDERBUBZ is an Irish based company founded by Eily Hsu, a busy Mum of two active and curious kids. The company aims to provide a range of innovative products which enable parents to create engaging learning opportunities with their children.

Growing a business with a young family


For 20 years you built a successful career in the consumer goods industry. What inspired you to start your own business?


On looking back now at that heady period after becoming a first time mum I realise how much time, effort and money I spent on an assortment of items which, for whatever reason, were not “quite right” for purpose. Having come from a background where there was a product and a brand for absolutely everything, everyone and every occasion  I struggled to understand why the same didn’t exist in the baby and children’s sector. This inspired me to set up WonderBubz with a mission to research and source a range of innovative, tried and tested products not already available to Irish, UK or European markets.

How has your past work experience helped you with your new venture?


I’ve always been commercially driven perhaps due to the influence of my Asian heritage. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a number of large multi-national consumer goods companies in a variety of senior commercial roles. This has been a fantastic learning experience. The colleagues I have worked with and the friendships I have made along the way have enriched that experience. Being a mum has given me the understanding as to what parents need in a product and my career experience equips me to assess products from a commercial perspective.

What is it exactly that you are looking for when you source a new product?


I look for the solution to a problem for a parent or child that is not currently being well met by available products. Innovative, game changing products that are not currently available in Europe are what inspire and excite me.

The products on your website are practical. Will you also be sourcing toys and creative products in the future?


WonderBubz is only just getting started as there are so many brilliant products out there! I have a particular interest in the area of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) toys for small children and feel that there is a huge opportunity to introduce more learning via play.

What is your best-selling item?


The Nail Snail is a fabulous little Nail Trimmer, has won lots of awards and should be on every new born essentials list. It really is a game changer for nail cutting and is receiving very positive reviews from professionals working in the antenatal and postnatal areas. A lot of customers come back to purchase as gifts for friends having used it themselves.

The Kitchen Helper is a more considered purchase and an investment towards safely creating precious memories with your little ones. It’s the only foldable learning tower on the market and is steadily growing in popularity.




You’ve lived and travelled extensively in Asia. What type of baby products can you find there which are unavailable in Europe?


There is an endless list of products as, after all, Asia is the home of the gadget. The key is to identify those that either solve a problem for parents or create a unique playing/ learning experience for babies and tots.

How do you see your business growing in the next 12 months?


WonderBubz is an online platform so social media and online presence is key. The next 12 months will see a combination of nurturing and developing the two fabulous existing brands that WonderBubz is proud to represent and to expand that portfolio with some more fantastic brands that fit the WonderBubz criteria.

You have 2 young children. Has it been difficult to find a balance between your family life and starting up a business?


WonderBubz has been growing as an idea since my son Finn was born almost 5 years ago. Call it the best of timing or the worst of timing as WonderBubz launched just before the pandemic struck in March. We had our kids at home with us so, enjoyable as that was, it was obviously very challenging trying to establish a business and juggle all that with looking after two small children. They thoroughly enjoy being part of the family business and are the best brand advocates I could wish for. Finn is my Sales Manager and Neala is my Post Lady and together we have had lots of fun creating ‘adverts’ and website content. I’m really enjoying what I do!

Describe WonderBubz in 3 words.


Innovative, Inspiring and Fun!


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