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April 25, 2023 | Education Listings, France, Paris education, Schools Paris

Ellipse Montessori Academy is a bilingual Montessori school located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris welcoming children from toddlers to Middle School. Since its establishment in September 2017, the school has been based on the Montessori pedagogy, an approach that aims to support the child’s natural development by creating an environment adapted to his needs and age-related characteristics. The teaching staff undergoes continuous training and pedagogical supervision at three levels: internally, by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), and by the Education Nationale

The mission at EMA is the pleasure of learning. Impart skills and knowledge necessary for the world of tomorrow, and ensure a solid academic foundation while representing each children’s unique personality. Children learn at their own pace in mixed-age classrooms, and the school offers personalized follow-up in accordance with the Education Nationale program.

The programs are as follows: 

Primary & Elementary


The Infant Community for Toddlers aged 2 to 3 years old:

→ Provides language development in both English and French, guidance and support towards autonomy, and motor skill activities. 

The Children’s Houses for children aged 3 to 6 years old:

→ Focus on the development of autonomy, learning to write with the assistance of Ellipse’s partner: a graphopedagogue, and also learning to read and mathematics using specialized materials.

The Elementary Communities for children from 6 to 11 years old:

→ Provide academic quality and follow-up, Cosmic Education that aims to help children understand the world and give meaning to fundamental learning. EMA also implements project work, public speaking, and the discovery of science and biology through experimentation. The self-managed community fosters the development of social skills, responsibility, and independence. 

Middle School


The “Collège Ellipse Montessori Academy” is a unique model that blends new pedagogies (Steiner, Freinet) and the acquisition of skills in the National Education’s core curriculum:

  • 3 qualified teachers continuously work with the students in social studies, science, and English
  • Experienced instructors (foreign languages, permaculture, improvisation, cooking, etc.)
  • Innovative and personalized teaching methods: tools and methods, lessons in small groups, individualized follow-up, and support
  • Collaborative work: projects and micro-enterprise
  • Construction of the social individual: group life (multi-age), autonomy, and responsibilities

Presentation for exams (brevet, certification in foreign English language)

Tuition Fees 2023-2024*



  • For 2-3 years old (half-time): 10 500 euros
  • For 2-3 years old / 3-6 years old (full time): 12 950 euros
  • For 6-11 years old: 15 500 euros


  • For 11-15 years old: 19 500 euros

*5% discount for siblings.

If you are interested, please fill out the pre-registration form and the school will contact you to arrange an appointment either at the school or via Zoom.

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Contact Details:

3, Rue Amélie, 75007 Paris
0033 01 45 00 66 25

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