Gynaecologist Dra Emma Oliva Díez

August 22, 2017 | Catalonia, Maternity Services, Sitges, Spain

Doctor Emma Oliva Díez is an English speaking gynaecologist, with a specialism in homeopathy, based in the Policlinic Sitges.

“I offer my experience and expertise in general gynecology. I work with natural methods and non-aggressive medicine when I treat my patients, also when they are pregnant, and during special periods such as adolescence and menopause.

Society often promotes panic and worry about diseases and our lives are often disrupted by fear about invasive treatment.  However, women do not need aggressive medication for proper development of their femininity and reproductive capacity. Our treatments feed the physiological body mechanisms, rather than try to exert control over them.

The HomeoSpagyria® incorporates the principles of the Western Traditional Medicine. It is a holistic system, inspired by the observable patterns in nature and designed for Western individuals considering its biological and cultural characteristics.

In my consultation  individualized treatments are offered: every woman is different and therefore probably won’t respond in the same way as other women to the same treatment when facing  similar conditions.”

Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

Contact Details: Calle Francesc Gumà 25, 08870 / +34 938 949 595 /

1 response to “Gynaecologist Dra Emma Oliva Díez”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    Doctor Oliva has a lovely, kindly manner, speaks fluent English and is able to look after a pregnancy right up until birth. She works with Corachan Hospital in Barcelona and Hospital General de Catalunya in Sant Cugat for births. She works with most private insurance policies. I would highly recommend her. (Rebecca Laidlaw)

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