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Alessia Barbieri

Alessia Barbieri  is a Life Coach with a Masters in Behavioural Analysis and a Masters of Medical Qigong. Therapist and mum, Alessia has been dealing with Traditions, Religions and Eastern Philosophies for 30 years. She has been studying and teaching taiji and qigong for 15 years and has a Master in Medical Qigong from the United States. Alessia was born and grew up in Rome, but has lived abroad for 15 years in Argentina, Finland and the USA studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychological astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies of Oxford, Zhineng Qigong. The culmination of her studies is a unique coaching method she has created helping clients to regain the balance of their emotions.  

Alessia has extensive knowledge in complimentary fields. She is a qualified Life Coach which gives her work a western approach. She is also a Specialist in Behavioural Analysis of Dr. Paul Ekman and Morphopsychologist. Her goal has always been to help others, and she has have always been passionate about coaching, in all its forms. 

Her coaching method mainly relies on the theories and principles based on the millennial wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong that integrates the movement of the body with ones consciousness. We all know nowadays that to be healthy we need to act on many layers: Qigong is an ancient lifestyle to exponentially rise the level of our awareness. When we are  aware of what we think and what we do, we are more capable of managing our emotions. The regulation of emotions will act on the energetic dimension that completes the picture of the human  being: body, mind and Qi. Once we are centred any other goal will become achievable, making it easier to differentiate a realistic mission from an impossible one. We will be also growing the extraordinary ability of acceptance. 

The constitution and physiognomy of clients is also taken into account to be able to honor all their pre and post-natal characteristics, to bring to light their true potential,  understand their mission in life and live in a fulfilling way. 

Alessia’s sessions are usually divided into two phases: coaching and physical exercises. She works mainly on posture, expressions, the spine, and on relaxation exercises, according to the individual.  Many studies today confirmed the paramount importance of the relationship between a healthy spine and balanced emotions, due to the fact that along the column run the most important nerve centres, all the connections between the organs and the brain, and in this case we know that Qi runs freely. This process creates what in modern language is called emotional intelligence. Her clients receive assignments – physical exercises and reflections – to strengthen the work  done together.

Alessia has created an online course for the regulation of emotions called BE  EXTRAORDINARY.  

What we like about them

  Alessia has a very international outlook having lived in numerous different countries
  Alessia speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  Alessia works from a holistic viewpoint, observing a person in their entirety
  Expertise in helping mothers with parenting challenges

In their own words

Qigong is the art to live our everyday life mindfully, making it simply extraordinary.” Alessia


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