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July 9, 2020 | Activities, Baby & Toddler, Spain, Valencia

English Wink is an English academy for babies from 3 months, toddlers, kids and teens. With 5 modern classrooms equipped with state of the art digital whiteboards, English Wink offer small group classes with a highly personalised approach.

Baby English are playful, one-hour sessions for babies and their parents or relatives to have fun singing, performing, engaging with different creative activities and games to make learning English as fun as possible. Older children have two hour sessions each week, working on their written English and building confidence speaking and participating in a group. English for teens encourages young people to actively participate and engage in a variety of different practical situations. 

Their classes are ideal for kids growing up in Spain to practise their written English skills, and compliment speaking English at home in a fun group environment. There is an English bookshop onsite selling a variety of educational tools, activity kits and books in English for all reading levels. English Wink also offers Spanish lessons for foreigners. 

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Calle Miguel Navarro 4 Bajo B, Nou Campanar, 46015, Valencia / (+34) 960 910 824 / info@englishwink.es

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