English Academy Santa Claus, Barcelona

February 19, 2018 | Catalonia, Schools Catalonia

English Academy Santa Claus (EASC) is a trilingual school for Early Years and Primary Education. The school is characterised by high-quality teaching and individualised attention. It has just one classroom per grade, allowing for personalised education and close student supervision. The goal is to ensure that all students discover their strengths and gain a solid base to learn how to confront future challenges.

At the English Academy Santa Claus, English, Spanish and Catalan are used equally. In the Early Years there is a total immersion in the English language. In Primary, the school follows the official, local curriculum, maintaining a good level of English. The students successfully pass official English exams and are capable of communicating fluently in English, Catalan and Spanish, both orally and in written form. EASC is proud of its work over the past 50 years and continues to be a strong and innovative educational project, which is both accessible and affordable for families. It is a plural school open to anyone interested in a good academic education together with values.

Languages of instruction: English, Spanish, Catalan
Other languages: Chinese

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Contact Details:

C/Lleó XIII, 12, 08022 Barcelona / +34 93 417 18 47 / mail@academysantaclaus.comwww.academysantaclaus.com

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