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Rebecca Brierley - Using Positive Discipline and the Montessori method

Rebecca is an expatriate parent coach and the founder of ENVOL, working with expatriate parents to equip them with tools to raise their children using encouragement, cooperation, and mutual respect. As an expatriate parent herself, she is well placed to understand the unique challenges that come with the job! 

Rebecca is a qualified Montessori and Positive Discipline parent and early childhood educator, working with hundreds of young children and their families since 2008. Thanks to her long work experience and her numerous qualifications, she has an excellent understanding of childhood development, psychology and behaviour and what REALLY works when raising our children.

Rebecca works under the premise that every family is different and comes with its own challenges, goals and values. Rebecca works closely with parents to understand their needs and objectives for their children, to give the best possible tailored advice and information. Her coaching sessions are about listening closely to and building a relationship of trust with parents, so that she can offer them solutions that are right for their unique family needs. She is passionate about helping parents to understand their children, and guiding them in finding strategies that promote respectful communication in an environment where everybody can blossom. 

Rebecca understands the difficulties of raising children in a culture different from your own, far from your tribe. She also knows that in the ‘age of information’ we can feel pulled in so many different directions by well-meaning but often conflicting advice from family, experts and “experts” on the internet, and even perfect strangers. Using her many years of experience, she is here to empathetically listen and help you focus on the solutions and strategies that are right for you and your children. 

Together with Rebecca, you will set short, mid and long term goals for your family, and she will support you as you begin to implement the changes you want to see in your family life. 

If someone asked Rebecca what makes her particularly qualified for this role she would say; right from the beginning of her working life,  she has been working with children. She has worked with hundreds of children and teenagers; seen them in every setting from day care, to school, to summer holiday and in their own homes. She has been a teacher, a nanny, a children’s yoga instructor and a welfare officer. She is also an expat mother herself. Suffice to say she knows children well! 

This deep understanding of children, along with the soft skills she has including empathy, great listening skills, being naturally curious and drawn to problem solving means she is able to offer an excellent support service to parents who are looking for answers to their questions. 

Rebecca offers her one to one coaching sessions via video conference. She lives in Ile-de-France, France and is available for Positive Discipline conferences and group workshops. She also works with early childhood educators, training them to use Positive Discipline tools with the children in their care. 

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What we like about them

  Rebecca offers group workshops as well as one-to-one parent coaching.
  Rebecca works closely with parents to understand the unique needs of each family, for the best tailored advice and support.
  Positive Discipline instills confidence, empathy, responsibility and other important values and skills.

In their own words

From years of training, studying and working with children, I have an excellent insight into what works when faced with the big task of raising them. Along with my empathy and listening skills, this enables me to provide you with the perfect strategies to support you to raise your children the way you want to and become the parent you dream of being. – Rebecca Brierley



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