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April 27, 2022 | Therapists & Coaches Spain
Equine assisted coach - Pia Ault

Pia Ault

Pia Ault is a life, relationship and family coach with a specialty around coaching individuals who are stuck, looking for a change and seeking fulfilment in their personal and professional life. Pia has two sons with attention deficit disorder and her husband has adult ADD. The result of her personal experience is that Pia is passionate about helping families impacted by their child’s ADD/ADHD, and other disorders that affect family dynamics and harmony. She is an ICF Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Equine Assisted Coach and a licensed trainer in Emotions and Empathy, and incorporates this work into coaching individuals and families who find it difficult to regulate emotions. 


After working more than 25 years in multinational corporations across USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Pia left a corporate career to follow her passion of helping others get more out of life.


She often runs sessions where she integrates her horse Lola and her equine wisdom. Horse-assisted coaching focuses on the interaction between a person and a horse to increase self-awareness. This extensive knowledge and experience is backed by a Master’s degree in Social Psychology and 12 years of coaching individuals and families.


Horses do not see a human with issues, disability or disorders. Horses are sensitive and magnificent animals. They are responsive and react to body language. These are just a few ares where horse assisted coaching can make a difference:

  • Assertiveness
  • Emotional awareness
  • Empathy
  • Stress tolerance
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-actualization
  • Focus and Staying on Task
  • Social responsibility
  • Interpersonal relationships


The most frequent benefits reported by clients are, increased awareness of own personal strengths, potentials, beliefs and behavioural patterns and the ability to relate to and communicate more effectively with others.


Pia offers 30-minute free no-obligation consultations and ‘chemistry’ sessions, to ensure the coaching relationships will work for both parties.

What we like about them

  30 minute free discovery call
  Pia uses horses in her coaching!
  Experienced with families impacted by their child’s ADD/ADHD

In their own words

Live like someone left the gate open.” Pia Ault



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