Excellence in Expat Education

Senida Kiehl

Senida Kiehl is an educational consultant and the founder of Excellence in Expat Education (EEE). Her work in education has taken her to many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Senida holds an MA in Educational Leadership, and her areas of specialisation include teacher training and school leadership. She conducts trainings for educators and educational leaders at schools, Ministries of Education, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, The British Council, and other government agencies.

It was Senida’s personal experience, both as an expat parent and as an educator, that led her to the idea of the Excellence in Expat Education Awards.


The company is dedicated to making the process of selecting schools as easy and as stress free as possible. EEE serves the expat community by sharing their reports and helping you to choose the best-fit educational options for your children in your country of choice. EEE gives individual awards in each of the following 4 categories: Facilities, Academics, Management, and Expat Support. Senida works with an experienced advisory board and also with on the ground assessors who visit schools personally to do class observations, evaluate premises and school policies and talk to the management team.

What we like about them

  Dedicated to making the process of selecting schools as stress free as possible.
  Founded by a parent who is also an educator, teacher trainer and educational leader.
  Team of exceptional educators who are also expat parents.
  First consultation free.

In their own words

Searching for and selecting a school for our children is consistently reported among the top challenges for expatriate parents when they are moving to a new country. As the founder of EEE, it was my own personal experience both as an expat parent and as an educator that led me to create the Excellent in Expat Education Awards. Like all expat parents, as we prepared for each of our moves I wanted to be sure my children would be in the best schools for them. I wanted them to attend schools that offered an excellent international education, so that they will be able to attend university in the EU or the USA.  I also wanted schools that met my expectations for safety, that looked after the “whole child” and that offered support to my family as we transitioned to life in a new country.” Senida Kiehl, Founder



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