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Lynda Brettle

Expat Mentors founder, Lynda Brettle, served for over 20 years with the British Diplomatic Service in diverse roles and overseas postings in the Far East and South-East Asia, India and Pakistan, the South Pacific, West Africa and Latin America. When she left, she and her husband settled in Alicante, Spain with their two children (then aged 2 and 9). Lynda retrained in counselling, coaching and healing, and has been heavily involved since then with support for the local expat community as well as working with international clients online. She “retired” as President of the national mental health charity Samaritans in Spain in 2021 after having initially joined the Board of Trustees in 2014. 

In 2020 Lynda published her first book Brains at the Border with advice about the psychological and emotional impact of expatriate life.  In the book she relates some highly entertaining tales of her own and of the eclectic mix of people she has met along the way. With her background and vast experience as a single expat, and then wife and mother juggling a career, she is ideally placed to offer support and empathy for other mums abroad! Lynda is passionate about the importance of physical and mental health for all members of the family in order to enjoy life away from their place of origin.Her book is available in paperback and kindle from all Amazon marketplaces and you can subscribe at brainsattheborder.lyndabrettle.com for digital updates and newsletters.


In 2021 Lynda added the Emotion Code to her coaching and counselling practice and from 2022 launched the Body Code. These rapid energy healing techniques are designed to help identify imbalances that can cause emotional and physical problems. The premise is that the human body has a powerful ability to restore its own health if the conditions are right. We make the conditions right with better energy balance.  Sessions typically last around 45-60 minutes and can be carried out online via Skype/Zoom wherever the client is located at times to suit. 


Trapped emotions can be released easily with the Emotion Code to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, destructive habits, grief, anger etc. The Body Code goes deeper to tackle physical aches and pains, headaches, IBS etc and can help identify and release toxins, correct structural imbalances, and reveal lifestyle and nutrition issues. It is a non-invasive method suitable for adults and children.


For more information visit Lynda’s FAQ page or her practitioner pages of Complementary Medical Association (UK) and Discover Healing (USA).

What we like about them

  Extensive personal and multicultural experience working and raising children abroad
  Free 30 minute introductory consultation
  Skype/Zoom sessions anywhere in world
  Techniques suitable for babies and children (bed wetting, poor sleep, school anxiety etc)

In their own words

Wherever you go you always take yourself with you – so aim to be the best version of you!  Releasing any harmful emotional baggage will give you more clarity and energy to take full advantage of your overseas life … and thrive!” Lynda Brettle



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