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November 15, 2020 | Berlin, Germany, Home & Admin

Expats In Wonderland is a relocation service founded to help businesses, professionals, families and artists make Berlin their new home. Founder and CEO Ina Pilkington travelled the world for 13 years as a professional dancer and performer, before settling in the German capital herself. Along with her lovely team, Ina is dedicated to helping others feel at home in the city, guiding newly arrived expats through the experience of moving.

The team can help with local bureaucracy tasks, finding the perfect apartment, and generally help you settle into a workplace, freelancing or family life. One of the few relocation agencies to partner with immigration lawyers, Expats in Wonderland offer an affordable visa package to help applicants secure a visa. They also offer support to companies looking to open a new office in Berlin, taking care of the logistics to ensure a seamless transition. 

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