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June 17, 2020 | Family Services, France, Home & Admin, Paris

Family Space is a unique agency located near Montparnasse, specialised at providing assistance at home, freeing up extra time for you. With an experienced, professional team of staff and consultants, Family Space are experts at finding English-speaking domestic staff, babysitters and bilingual nannies for homes across Paris. 

They take great care to find the right staff member for each family and their regular clients include Parisian families, recently arrived expat families and families on a short term stay in the city (either on holiday or visiting for work). Family Space can successfully manage your domestic needs and find the best staff for your requirements including live-in or part time childcare, house cleaning services, ironing services, dog walking and light shopping at your local convenience stores. 

For our childcare services, we hire university students; young women who are no longer students but who are looking for work as well as young nannies who are in France on a “Working Holiday” visa. For our housekeeping services, we hire experienced domestic workers who are entirely dedicated to housekeeping for our valued customers. Only the best nannies are invited to join our team. Our rigorous selection process ensures that all our nannies and babysitters maintain the highest quality of professionalism and that they continue to exceed the expectations of our client families.”


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140 Rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris
+33 7 77 00 90 13

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