Feel at Home Relocation

February 3, 2022 | Uncategorised
Feel at Home Relocation

Stefania Molinelli

Feel at Home Relocation was founded by Stefania Molinelli, after over 20 years of living in international cities around the world. From her own experience as an expat, Stefania knows exactly which parts of a relocation can be the most tricky to manage. She offers really useful, practical advice and tips to recently arrived families and individuals and to those at the beginning of their relocation journey.

Feel at Home Relocation has extensive experience in national and international relocations from the USA and Europe to Milan and Rome. Their team help save their clients time and energy, taking care of every aspect their move: from finding the right place to live, translating contracts and connecting utility companies, to finding the perfect schools and feeling settled as quickly as possible.


Feel at Home Relocation can also help with the recruitment of domestic staff and tradesmen for renovation works and routine or emergency repairs around the house. They also provide complete relocation services for your pets, from entry procedures if you arrive from outside the EU, to full support in your day-to-day activities (vet search, grooming services, pet-sitters, etc.)

What we like about them

  Their offer services based on real experiences of family relocation.
  They can advise on the vast differences between living in Milan and living in Rome.
  They provide comprehension relocation services for pets too.

In their own words

Milan is a cosmopolitan metropolis, but it is also smaller than one might expect. It is fairly easy to get round the city and out to the suburbs. Therefore, we often advise our clients, even if their place of work is in the city centre, to also have a look at areas in the neighbouring municipalities to live as the combination can offer a good work-life balance. On the other hand, Rome’s main characteristic is a clear distinction between the various districts of the city; they appear as real microcosms in which all the services one may need can be found, due perhaps to frequent traffic jams and parking difficulties that don’t allow easy movement. Our advice for this city is to try to live in the same area where you will work or study.” Stefania

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