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5 Tips To Stay Healthy In The Holiday Season

Sabrina Ridaura left Venezuela, her home country, almost 10 years ago to travel the world along with her family. After settling in Barcelona she turned her passion for a healthy lifestyle into a business – BodyGlow Fitness & Nutrition. Here Sabrina gives her top tips for staying healthy during the holiday season. She is also offering MumAbroad readers a 15% off her “Done for you Weight loss Coaching Program” a 90-day program to show you how to lose the stubborn fat and keep it off. This program includes 12 one to one coaching sessions. This offer is valid until January 1, 2020.


As the holiday season begins, you begin to have your weekends busy. Which means scheduled family gatherings, dinner parties and celebrations. It’s very common for women -especially- to feel anxious by the amount of eating and drinking that the holiday celebrations can bring upon them. This thought begins to cue anxiety in their minds. In return, before the holiday season even begins, most women are concerned about how much weight they will gain. I’ve written this post to assure you that this is not necessary and you can put your mind at ease. One important thing during the holiday season is to set yourself realistic goals. Keep your expectations real and try to be better than before. The most important thing is to enjoy family time and  maintain a positive mindset of being better than before.



In order to stay healthy and avoid gaining 2lb -or more- during this holiday season, follow these simple 5 tips and you will enjoy every moment, feel healthy and in control along the way:

Never go to a dinner party hungry

Skipping breakfast and lunch in order to save calories is a foul strategy that usually backfires. Feeling hungry, having a cocktail and unlimited access to amazing food isn’t usually a good combo. Instead, eat regular healthy meals throughout the day and have a light, protein-rich snack before the fun begins. The key is to include protein. Since protein takes longer to digest, it’s more satiating than a carb-based snack.

Stay away from the food table and keep a glass handy

When you are having a conversation step away from the food and try to go to the next room. Try to keep a glass on your hand throughout the party. Have a glass of water between cocktails and stick to clear liquids like vodka or gin. Having a glass in your hand will keep your hands occupied while you chat and avoid nibbling without control while you mingle. Try to have no more than 2-3 cocktails and remember liquid calories count!

Stay active

Alright. This is key. You have to make a pact with yourself. The best way to stay healthy is to keep your workouts a priority. No room for negotiation. Book a session at your hotel, go for a run, look for nearby gyms or sign up for one of our At home workouts through our BodyGlow App. You can wake up a little bit earlier every day to make space for your sweat time.

Let yourself indulge in healthy sweet treats without losing control

One of the most special parts of the holidays is sharing with friends and family a delicious sweet treat. Whether its chocolate or cookies, there are many healthy options out there. After you’ve eaten and savour the treats, go back to healthy eating. Don’t follow it up with a a second or third serving or another dessert.

Stay Hydrated

All though you should focus on your hydration all year long, during the festive season it’s even more crucial. Staying hydrated will help with organ functions like your liver and kidneys, it will suppress hunger for longer and help with your performance and energy.

If you treat your holiday celebration eating like you would any other meal and keep your routine as steady as possible, you will find yourself having a great time and not thinking about food constantly. Keep in mind that holidays are a time to be with family and grateful for our blessings.

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