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April 10, 2018 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Healthcare, Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Flavia Idun qualified as a practitioner of Kinesiology in England in 2002 and ran a very successful practice in the town of Colchester, Essex between 2002 and 2008.  She has been practicing Kinesiology in Barcelona since 2009 in both English and Spanish.  Flavia has had great success with clients of all ages and treating a wide variety of health problems. She taught Kinesiology in the UK and has given many talks to different organisations on the workings and merits of the therapy.  In addition to Kinesiology, she has completed counselling and nutritional courses. She works in both Barcelona and Sant Cugat.

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3 responses to “Flavia Idun – Kinesiologist”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    I owe you a huge ‘thank you’! After you spent time with me you advised me my body was telling you I had a problem, you showed me exactly where, saying ‘it’s about here but obviously I cannot say what it is’…….several months later after the result of a scan I was told they had found a cancer, a diagram was drawn showing me the position of the cancer, it was exactly where you had said something was wrong……the operation was successful……..you saved my life young lady! Many renewed thanks! (Pauline)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    I first came across Flavia after she had written a piece in my local paper about being able to cure food allergies, this jumped out at me as at this time of my life I had two lovely little boys Elliot 2 and Jack who was 1. Jack had been diagnosed with a wheat and dairy intolerance he used to be up for hours crying at night he was not a happy bunny, we had to put Jack on a complete wheat and dairy free diet to help him, I phoned Flavia straight away she sounded so positive over the phone that she could help I booked an appointment straight away having never been or even knowing much about kinesiology. We turned up with an open mind as anything that could help Jack was going to be fantastic. Flavia muscle tested different food with Jack and slowly he could start eating wheat and dairy products and after a few weeks Jack could eat whatever he wanted!!! It was fantastic; going out was so much easier. My whole family have been to see Flavia at some point for different things, food allergies, stress, bed wetting, sleeping patterns, emotional grief issues, kidney stones, thrush, you name it, Flavia has helped us. Kinesiology is an amazing thing; my children are always amazed at how it works when they go, and whenever my friend or family have issues I always advise them in her direction. I am so thankful for everything Flavia has done for my family over the years and could never thank her enough. (Geraldine B)

  3. MumAbroad says:

    Having been fobbed off by the various medical professions as I had intolerances and not allergies requiring special medicines, I was desperate for help. Medical advice to avoid all wheat and dairy didn’t help much. When a friend told me about another friend getting help with their dairy problem, I was in such a state I would have considered anything, if it helped. So an appointment was made and wow someone who not only understood my limited diet but had actually been through it all too. Not only that, she had trained for so long before she started helping people. Rome wasn’t built in a day but over the next few months I gradually managed to include different foods. I found out which foods irritated me most and therefore ones that didn’t, when I thought they did. But because my system was so irritated, everything reacted. I began to understand how my body worked, in ways that doctors don’t tell or even know. It had not only affected me but the family too. Invites to social occasions were a nightmare; holidays became self-catering or long discussions with waiters or chefs. Not only had my diet improved but the mental agony too. I can’t thank Flavia enough for saving my life from world of only rice and tinned fish in tomato sauce to a life of most foods. And not having to eat lettuce ever again (because my body just hates it so much!). I can never thank her enough for her help and understanding, and also giving me the knowledge about how bodies actually work. Every doctor’s surgery should have her. (Evelyn T)

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