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November 11, 2019 | Blog, My Story

US-born Andrea Fellman is an online entrepreneur, social influencer, digital marketer and dynamic content creator and has spent much of her life travelling and living in different countries. Throw in a couple of kids, two dogs, a comedian husband, a brand new venture for dynamic women in Barcelona and some fantastic charity work.

Andrea Fellman, Founder of The Barcelona Edit


Her curiosity and zest for life and adventure became apparent early in her life. After high school, she went to a small college in Northern Minnesota, where she quickly realized that she was definitely in the wrong place. She had much bigger creative dreams and aspirations, so she applied to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California.

At the same time as she was accepted into FIDM and planning her exciting move to California, she was also packing her suitcase for a study abroad program at Oxford University in England, which would also have them traveling to five other European countries. This was a pivotal moment for Andrea as it was her first time outside her home country and opened her eyes to the world. She instantly knew she had to see ALL of it.

After graduating from FIDM, she was an intern at Sony Pictures in the set decorating department, worked on small movie sets, waitressed, and was a retail visual merchandiser. She had dreams of being a fashion stylist and costume designer, but life had other plans. She met her husband, Harris, fell in love, quit all of her jobs, went backpacking in Europe, and got married a year later! Harris and Andrea soon had two children and, instead of styling celebrities on movie sets, she was styling two young children for the playground.

While at home with two babies, Andrea struggled with motherhood and needed a creative outlet, which led to her first online business in 2008, Savvy Sassy Moms

Andrea was the original founder and owner of Savvy Sassy Moms until March 2016, when she sold it. She created Savvy Sassy Moms from a laptop in her laundry room and it quickly grew from blog to brand to thriving business. During her time running Savvy Sassy Moms she was featured on Oprah, wrote for BabyCenter, and interviewed celebrities on the Red Carpet for as the Los Angeles ivoice. Savvy Sassy Moms was considered one of the top influential mom websites in the United States and at one point she was ranked as one of the top 10 moms on Twitter.

Through her work online over the last 12+ years, she has become an online entrepreneur, social influencer, digital marketer and dynamic content creator. She was highly sought after by corporations and luxury resorts, and also served as a brand ambassador for several companies, hosted events for other influencers, and partnered with large international brands.

However, she actually felt happiest and most successful being behind the scenes, working on creative online marketing campaigns with the PR and marketing departments and advising them on working with bloggers and influencers. She thrived on developing strategy and collaborating with creative teams.

While running Savvy Sassy Moms, her father died in a tragic motorcycle accident on his way home from having just spent time with her family in Los Angeles. He had dreamed of riding his Harley Davidson to the “end of the road” on Route 66 – which ends at the pier in Santa Monica, California. Andrea’s father died living his dream, and it inspired Andrea to carry that legacy forward, life is too short to not go out and do everything you want to do!

A year later, Andrea and Harris decided to fulfil their own dream of living abroad. In 2013, they moved their family to Costa Rica and lived the Pura Vida life for three years. Andrea was still running Savvy Sassy Moms, but her children were older and she saw the industry shifting. Around this same time, they decided that it was time to leave Costa Rica, but they had no interest in moving back to the US. In 2016, the family decided on Barcelona, Spain for their next adventure and, as they started making plans for the move, Andrea decided it was a good time to transition away from Savvy Sassy Moms and successfully sold it prior to their move to Barcelona.

Andrea and her family have now been living in Barcelona for three years. The first three years of life in Barcelona was spent doing a lot of traveling and learning about the city.  Andrea continued to be creative through freelance jobs and travel writing, which also helped her to figure out her next business venture The Barcelona Edit, a new lifestyle website for English-speaking women living and working in Barcelona.

The Barcelona Edit brings together Andrea’s passion for the international lifestyle, travel, discovering new and local gems, and meeting new people and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. She also manages the marketing and fundraising efforts for a charitable organisation called Furnish a Future which accepts gently used furniture from the international community in Barcelona and provides it to refugees and displaced people in need. 

When given the option Andrea will always be outside. She is an obsessed runner, sunshine worshipper, dog lover, and generally loves being out in the city.

Andrea strives for excellence and loves channeling her creative and ridiculously energetic drive and passion toward “all the possibilities” in life.

Andrea joined MumAbroad founder Carrie Frais on her radio show Carrie on Talking: conversations with a guest who has achieved something out of the ordinary in their work or personal life to a backdrop of significant songs in their life.

“I LOVE high energy music, EDM and anything that makes me want to move. I realise not everyone can stand this type of music so I chose some songs that make me laugh and brings me back to earlier times in my life mixed with a few of my favourite artists and other songs that remind me of a certain time in my life. Music is actually pretty personal to me, and so songs that truly resonate with me and my life I honestly am not able to share.”

Here’s Andrea’s playlist:

PYT Pretty Young Thing! – Micheal Jackson
This is probably my favorite Micheal Jackson song. This totally reminds me of my girlfriends in High School – we use to blast this song and sing it in the car. It makes me laugh so hard.

Raise your Glass – Pink
I had to include Pink because she totally brings me back to my college days and starting life in Los Angeles. I actually had really short hair like hers and people told me that I looked like Pink all the time!! Seriously, people standing in the grocery store line, waiters at restaurants and just random people on the street! It was crazy.

Thank you – Dido
I was a bit obsessed with Dido for awhile and she also reminds me of life in Los Angeles.

11,28 Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
This is the song that I danced to with my dad at my wedding day, so clearly it has special meaning.

Wake Me Up – Avicii
Avicii is one of my favorites, who unfortunately committed suicide a few years ago. This song was his most mainstream song, but some of his other songs are just as impactful for me. Although this song reminds me of our move to Costa Rica, so it just reminds me of that time of transition.

Stole the Show – Kygo (featuring Pearson James)
Kygo is another favorite artist of mine with so many songs that I love. I guess this whole “Cloud Nine” album reminds me a bit of our move to Barcelona.

This Girl – Kungs & Cookin’ On 3 Burners
This song has no significance really – other than I love the beat of this song, it’s just a feel good happy song and you can’t help but get in a good mood!

Carry You Home – Tiesto
This song was playing when I crossed the finish line of my last half marathon in Mallorca. Which was super significant because I finally accomplished my goal of finishing in under 2 hours. My time was 1:56!

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