Olga Casabona

As a certified Functional Nutrition Coach and founder of Zesty Glow, Olga helps professional women over 40 figure out the optimal nutrition strategy for their unique body and lifestyle through personalized support and meal planning to naturally combat hormonal changes, weight gain and gut issues. She’s also a foodie… and loves to eat!  A holistic functional approach to health and wellbeing targets the root causes of a symptom, as opposed to the traditional approach that targets merely the symptom.

Hormones play such a critical role in your body’s processes that even a slight change in levels in the bloodstream can seriously impact your health. Age, diet and lifestyle contribute to these changes. If health is not prioritized, the risk of chronic illness and reliance on medications and their side effects increase significantly. A functional approach is not only preventative but also sustainable.

Olga can help you understand why your hormones affect you emotionally and physically and how the power of food can restore balance naturally.


  • Ease menopause symptoms
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce bloating
  • Prevent chronic illness
  • Get your confidence back
  • No more dieting!


*For discounted prices for Spanish residents please contact Olga.

What we like about them

  20 minute free intro session
  One-on-one and group nutrition programs
  Personalized support and accountability with access to app, group chat and journals
  Meal plans with delicious and easy to make recipes including grocery shopping lists

In their own words

I, myself, experienced early menopause with debilitating symptoms – mood swings, brain fog, chronic bloating, the worst hot flashes and stubborn weight gain. My OBGYN tried to convince me that I was depressed and stressed and prescribed antidepressants! I proved him wrong. Personally, I wanted to explore an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to relieve my symptoms without adverse effects. After much studying and application, food proved to be my medicine. Within weeks nearly all my symptoms disappeared and I felt myself again. This is why I became a certified Functional Nutrition Coach, founded Zesty Glow and created programs to effectively support women like you struggling with hormonal changes.” Olga Casabona



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