FunFinance offers business, finance and economics education for children to help their parents fill the gaps of today’s educational system and provide their children with the essential knowledge and skills through engaging and interactive content. Founder, Lena Perepelova, is an active promoters of Sustainable Development Goals and incorporates SDGs in the curriculum to raise responsible global citizens. Lena is based in Madrid but all workshops and courses area available online.

I created FunFinance because I want our children to grasp the basics of business and economics in order to better understand our world through an easy and fun manner. FunFinance is an evolving project. At the moment it is a small group of curious kids and engaged parents, but it is growing fast. I want this to become a community. Business professionals passing their knowledge to children. Children discovering the world with a little guidance from the grown-ups. And ultimately, young adults teaching other children.

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