Furnish a Future

August 19, 2019 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Home & Admin, Spain

Furnish a Future supports successful resettlement of displaced people and refugees by providing them with gently-used furniture so they may begin creating a new home. Furnish a Future accepts furniture from families at Barcelona international schools and provides it to refugees seeking to establish a new life in Barcelona. Currently they conduct organized furniture collection days in December and June, when international families tend to leave Barcelona. They also collect donated furniture throughout the year on a per-request basis. Families that would like to donate furniture simply submit a furniture donation form. After making sure that all furniture is in good condition, Furnish a Future then coordinates and schedules approved donations for pick up. If there is an immediate need, the furniture is directly transported to the receiving family. If there is no immediate need, the furniture is sent to a small storage facility that has been donated to the project. They kindly request families donating furniture to make a 35-50 euro contribution to cover pick up and transportation costs.

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