An international education advisory service

Garabi Education is an international education advisory service. With an independent vision, they offer multiple and varied experiences for children, young people and adults; for both students and professors.

Garabi Education strongly believes in the importance of global and cultural education, and they organise school exchanges, summer camps, university scholarships, gap years, language courses and much more.

Young people will live in a global, egalitarian world full of possibilities. The boundaries of their lives will be defined before their eyes, subtly, with them hardly noticing. They will face a reality of diffuse limits, where everything converges into a single voice, in a single direction.

For all these reasons, Garabi is based on a declaration of intent. Etymologically, “Garabi” (in Basque, crane) is formed with the words gara (we are) and bi (two).

This is how we embarked on this journey: with the conviction of starting a journey together, in which we are (gara) two (bi), you and I will make the dream of studying abroad and experiencing new cultures come to life.” – Garabi Education

The different services that Garabi Education offers:


  •  6- 10 months studying at a high school abroad in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, and Germany, both with host families or residences, State or Private schools.


  • Summer school / camps for 3 weeks to practice English and have multicultural experiences at carefully selected schools in the UK (10- 17 yrs) and Boston (16-18  yrs).


  •  Short and extended language programmes to improve proficiency for 16-99-year-olds.


  • Mini-stays for a full school class from 12-16 years, for a 1-2 week program living with local families and attending local schools. This programme could be tailored to any specific length, subject, size or special requirements from the school.


  • University advisory and guidance for students seeking the right University in the US or UK, including support with applying for scholarships.


The exclusive selection of educational centres they work with is the result of a long and close relationship with each of them, as well as exhaustive personal knowledge of the facilities, academic standards and the team which their participants will be in contact with. This evaluation process is carried out personally during each visit, which enables the Garabi Eduation team to ensure a very high standard.



For More Information about Garabi Education, Contact:

Idoia Garmendia:
+44 7446 565 646

Liliana Rodriguez:
+34 619 849 533

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What we like about them

  Garabi Education offer life-changing experiences for young people, with the opportunity to discover a new culture, perfect their language skills and make new friends for life.
  Their immersive summer camps are an excellent way for teenagers to gain confidence and independence.
  Highly personalised service, with great attention to detail to ensure an experience perfectly tailored to you and your child.

In their own words

Being a small agency, with 20 years of experience, headquartered in the UK and with representation in Argentina, Mexico and Spain, we have developed great experience in tailoring trustworthy educational advice. 

We have listened carefully to parents and children, which has allowed us to understand their real needs and what they value most from their different perspectives. We offer personalised attention, and we are there for you (parents and children) at any time you need us. – Liliana Rodriguez


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