German School of Milan

April 6, 2018 | Italy, Milan, Milan education, Schools Milan

The German School of Milan, founded in 1886, teaches both German and Italian curriculums to pupils aged 3-18.


The German School of Milan (German Deutsche Schule Mailand, Italian Scuola Germanica di Milano, DSM), was founded in 1886. It is one of the three German schools in Italy, the other two based in Rome and Genoa, in which subjects are taught in both German and Italian.

The school follows the German educational program from preschool to secondary school, and helps students to graduate with both the German Abitur and the Italian Maturità Scientifica qualifications.

The German School of Milan was founded in 1886 as an educational centre for children of German businessmen living in northern Italy. The school has taught the dual German-Italian diploma programmes since the 1970s.


School fees are fixed at €6,550 annually. Additional fees and admissions information can be found on the school’s website, which is in German and Italian only.


The school is located a short walk from Milan city centre, next the Sempione park.

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Contact Details:

Via Legnano, 24, 20121 Milano / +39 02 659 7614 /

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