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Emma Ruiz is a Gestalt Therapist who works online with international clients in English and Spanish. She has a holistic approach to psychotherapy and uses not only Gestalt, but a mix of techniques including EFT, breath work, mindfulness and her intuition to accompany individuals to realign themselves so they can live feeling calm and joyful, and thrive doing what gives them a sense of purpose. She helps her clients reconnect with themselves.


Emma also accompanies couples to improve communication skills, grow together and have healthy relationships, as well as couples who want to have a Conscious Uncoupling. She is passionate about human development and believes we can all blossom!

Watch our interview with Emma: “What is Gestalt Therapy? Emma Ruiz on getting in touch with yourself again

What we like about them

  Support to realign and connect with your inner self.
  Free 30 minute discovery session on Skype.
  Conscious Conversations Group Therapy - experience the power and energy within a unique group.
  Emma is a reputable and experienced therapist who started her own journey with Gestalt therapy.

In their own words

My work has always revolved around education and growth. I am a seeker and an eternal learner. Mostly, I love learning about life and human nature, which has led me to reading lots of books, do all sorts of personal and spiritual growth courses and finally start my own Gestalt therapy process. Gestalt revealed to be exactly what I needed, as it helped me see myself with love and acceptance, embracing all of whom I am. Gestalt therapy has taught me to live more in the present, looking at life through the eyes of compassion and love. I trained as a Gestalt Therapist to accompany people, who like me, want to walk along the path of self-knowledge, learn to identify and manage their emotions and live life being the best version of themselves.” Emma Ruiz


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