Global English Track (GET)

February 7, 2023 | Educational Specialists Spain

Learning English through communication

Global English Track (GET) is a dedicated English language teaching and training platform with tailor-made courses to suit all levels and requirements. GET operate in both schools and companies in Barcelona, delivering courses to children from 3 years old right up to CEOs. All of their teachers are professionally trained with a wide and varied experience.

The academic team is made up of mostly English and American teachers who have come to live and work in Barcelona due to the quality of life that the Catalan capital offers. They prioritise teamwork as making them different and powerful.


The students’ English improves rapidly day by day as they build on their knowledge, prioritise their linguistic expression and focus on effective comprehension. Eventually they will lose the fear of speaking a foreign language and embrace a growth mindset.

What we like about them

  Learning based on conversations - not just grammar

In their own words

We move away from the traditional way of studying English, basing learning on conversation so that each student loses their fear of speaking a new language. We teach them to communicate in English, giving greater priority to speaking it than knowing it 100% in its grammatical structure.” Cormac Walsh, Founder


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