Grill Courtepaille, Blagnac

September 14, 2018 | France, Toulouse

Great for going there with kids of all ages, this restaurant chain is well equipped and prepared for welcoming families. The one in Blagnac is not far from the “Centre commercial” with lots of different shops and is close to the airport. Quite rare, two different kids’ menus are offered according to the age of the child. Together with the food, the little ones also receive a small surprise. And while Mom and Dad can have a chat, the kids are well occupied in this grill restaurant, as there are different things provided for them to play with. One can also buy teddy bears from the restaurant.

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Kathrin Schindl, Founder of Babyloan

Contact Details:

9 Rue Gustave Flaubert, 31700 Blagnac / +33 05 61 30 15 80 /

1 response to “Grill Courtepaille, Blagnac”

  1. Kathrin S. says:

    If we are looking for a restaurant where our little ones are busy playing and therefore we can have a “quiet” talk, we go to this grill restaurant. Most of the times, after a bit of Shopping at L’Eclerc…

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