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November 16, 2023 |
Home organiser in Barcelona

Organising Homes and Work Spaces

Grit Förster is a Professional Home Organiser in Barcelona. She is a certified organiser who helps families and professionals to optimise and tidy up their homes and working spaces. 

She creates organisational systems that permit keeping order on a long-term and responds individually to your situation and needs, enabling you to achieve your goals with appropriate tips, advice, and new routines. As a professional home organiser, Grit is encouraging, understanding and ensures that any information is being treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Grit is German and has been living in Barcelona for the past twenty years. She is a mother of three boys. She perfectly understands the situation of many mothers, and that sometimes a helping hand may be needed. 

Grit worked for an international corporation for many years. She found it a really great experience and learned a lot. She was always particularly interested in projects that dealt with improving processes and she likes working as a team. 

Several years ago, she decided to reorient her career and focus on what she really enjoys. She became a certified Organiser and is an active member of AOPE (Asociación de Organizadores Profesionales de España).

With the topics of organisation and order, she has the certainty that she has found what really inspires her. She finds it particularly rewarding to be able to help other people.

What we like about them

  Grit’s highly personalised, hands-on approach is centred around your needs and how to get the most from your space. Her ability to create a balanced and comfortable home or workplace can truly change the way her clients live.
  Grit creates organisational systems that are designed to be maintained, to ensure long-term order.
  Grit also offers a fully online service, which begins with a video call to define your needs and goals. She then prepares a schedule for you to organise your space at your own pace.

In their own words

I want to help my clients to achieve a much simpler and happier life. I am convinced that good organisation and basic order will make your life much easier. You will gain calm and clarity and may also have more time to focus on the things that really matter to you. – Grit Förster


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