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September 27, 2022 |

Portrait & Wedding Photography

Gypsy Westwood is a photographer based in Ibiza. She specialises in Wedding and Family Portrait photography. She was born and brought up on the island to English parents. They moved to London in 1988 for higher education, and she returned  in 2001 to make the island her home again. She began by having a very diverse portfolio of property, food, event and product clients, stepping into weddings and family portraits as the industry and popularity of the island grew. Gypsy photographed her first wedding in on Ibiza in 2003.

Gypsy was one of the first English speaking photographers to work with a more relaxed and natural style of shooting. Her style at a wedding, event or on a family shoot is to be a non intrusive presence. She captures the intricacies of the whole experience as she sees them unfolding around her. She says her art is capturing the moments as naturally as possible, with little guidance but lots of observation – not missing a detail and definitely capturing the emotions of the moment.


Her years of experience have shown her she really LOVES photographing people. There is beauty in capturing the true essence of a character in a photograph. That natural and spontaneous instant can sometimes reflect a whole personality, a mood or an emotion. It can tell a story. For her that is the essence of being a portrait photographer. Her photography is about finding those authentic moments that allow all emotions to shine through. Whether at a wedding, with a family on holiday or a single portrait.


What we like about them

  Gypsy speaks great English
  Natural and fluid style that captures emotions perfectly

In their own words

I have a love of natural light, open skies and horizons which are all qualities found on the island of Ibiza, the Balearics & Spain. I use these qualities to  my advantage and capture professionally beautiful images. Words have never been my strength but I have told a thousand stories in photographs.” Gypsy

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