Hamelin Laie International School aims to put children’s potential, natural solidarity, curiosity and continuous interest in learning at the centre of their education. Enrolment is available from nursery school up through secondary school, where the school follows Spain’s national curriculum, with the option of the national or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme from 16 years on.

The school material says that it strives to help students become open-minded, tolerant citizens of the world, who have strong values based on intercultural respect, solidarity and their own good judgement. To achieve this, the school focuses on educating in values, working on skills and promoting talent, giving students as many opportunities as possible to express themselves and take action. The results are backed up by good academic results.


The Hamelin Laie International School is based just north of Badalona, and is a 30 minute drive from Barcelona city centre.


The school has a selective admissions process for students wishing to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The admissions process can be started by filling out an online form on the school’s website.

Languages of instruction: English, Spanish, Catalan
Other languages: French, German, Chinese

Read an interview with Head Teacher Carlos Martinez

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Contact Details:

+34 93 555 22 96
+34 93 555 67 17
Ronda 8 de Març, 178-180, 08390 Montgat

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