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March 30, 2022 |

Chris Everitt

When you moved to Germany, how many times did you wish you had someone to trust with your financial questions? How often have you found yourself trying to make the right decisions, only to hit a wall and realize you need help because the system, or the language, was just too hard? Meet HORBACH Expats: pioneers in providing digital multilingual financial planning services for expats in Germany. From expats, for expats. Multilingual, digital, and flexible. 

Living overseas presents many challenges – which insurances do you need? How to invest your savings? How to plan your pension? Which company? Which product? And what if you move country in the future? And then there are questions about managing currency fluctuations, protecting capital and understanding your tax obligations.


HORBACH Expats make finances in Germany understandable and simple so that you can secure the foundation for the future you imagine.


If you’re an expat looking for independent financial advice in Germany, then HORBACH Expats can provide you with the right support and guidance to optimise your long-term financial planning. If you have income or assets and need a clear picture of how to manage them to achieve your goals, then they can give you unbiased, wealth management advice. Because financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege.


What we like about them

  Free 30 minute discovery call
  Experienced expats creating services for expats
  Support & guidance for long term financial planning

In their own words

Horbach Expats help with all the financial advice you’ll need when moving to Germany. By expats, for expats – we specialise in helping you and your family get the right financial advice, at the right time, for a lifetime.” Chris Everitt


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