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September 28, 2022 | Uncategorised

Pension Advisors for Expats

Horizon65 is a fintech focused on helping people select the best long-term investments in order to secure their retirement. They frequently help expat families to navigate the complex German landscape of state provided pensions, company pensions and help them understand what they can expect from the German government. Co-founders Nicolas Overloop and Seamus Wolf describe themselves as fintech entrepreneurs and combined, have a wealth of experience and expertise in personal finance and technology.


They will also help you understand how big the gender inequalities are between higher income earners and lower income earners or stay-at-home mothers.

The German government is budgetary conservative and social rights are relatively conservative and focus on poverty-protection rather than on retiring comfortably.

As part of their service they also review your insurance situation and make sure you have the insurances you need under German law and which are widely recommended to have in place regardless. 

Horizon65 has multilingual expertise and extensive experience in helping expats relocate.

What we like about them

  Technology company with more than 20 years of experience in finance and related fields in-house
  100% provider independent
  Cover a wide range of investments from ETF’s, tax-advantaged investment products and passive real estate

In their own words

Looking into long-term financial planning and taking advantage of tax advantages can be very complicated as the field is full of technical jargon in German that even Germans barely understand. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible and to make sure you understand at all times what you are getting yourself into. There are other fintechs that work towards expats but all are tied to specific providers and are not able to offer you personalized insurance or investment products. ” Nicolas Overloop, Founder & CEO


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