Hospital Costa del Sol, Marbella

November 8, 2017 | Andalucia, Costa del Sol, Healthcare, Maternity Services, Spain

The Costa del Sol Hospital, a General Hospital with Maternity Department, on the main A-7 coast road 7km east of Marbella center, is one of the best-equipped hospitals in Spain. Inaugurated in December 1993, the hospital is run by an independent company on behalf of the Andalucian Health Authorities. There are often voluntary interpreters on hand to help British and other nationalities communicate with the medical staff. With at least 15% of patients being non-Spanish speakers, this is considered a necessity for the smooth running of the hospital. It has a large out-patients department (on the coast road side of the building) and a 24 hour accident and emergency department (on the mountain side of the building).

Recommended by Emma Tremlett

Contact Details: Autovía A-7 km 187, 29603 Marbella / +34 951 976 669 / /

2 responses to “Hospital Costa del Sol, Marbella”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    Extremely well equipped and all in all a good experience. (Emma Tremlett)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    Nearly all my friends have given birth in this hospital and its a really popular choice here. The reason we chose it is that we had heard lots of positive experiences from friends of ours and we couldn’t really afford to go privately. I had been quite scared reading all the horror stories of giving birth in Spain but the hospital was great and my husband stayed with me throughout. I had quite a difficult labour and they thought I might need a C-Section at the end. If that had been the case they told me my husband wouldn’t be able to stay in the room. This really frightened me and I am not sure if it’s normal here or if that is just the case at this hospital. Luckily it never got to that and my son came screaming into the world about 1 hour later. I was allowed to listen to calming music from my Ipod throughout which really helped me. I had also read lots of birth stories on the internet which said that Spanish hospitals made you lie on your back and not move but here I walked around the whole time and even used a birthing ball. My husband cut the umbilical cord at the end and we both agreed it was all in all a good experience – well as much as childbirth can be. (KVE)

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