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September 29, 2022 |
Inma López - Global Experiences

Spain Director of AIFS Abroad & Global Experiences

Inma Lopéz was born and raised in the beautiful city of Granada and before moving to Barcelona in 2008 she traveled throughout Europe, Morocco, and the U.S. and lived in several European cities including Toulouse, London, Liverpool and Edinburgh for many years. Inma is passionate about traveling, outdoor activities, gastronomy, networking, healthy lifestyle, and photographing enchanting places around the world. She also loves learning about Numerology and how this spiritual discipline can help people better understand their inner world, personality, future events, and even life’s greater purpose.

Inma is proud to say that she develops all her passions in her job, where she wears different hats and deals with several responsibilities as Spain Director, for the ​​Award-Winning International Internships Program Global Experiences/AIFS Abroad. She manages the host employers where their interns work in Madrid and Barcelona, and she works to ensure that the interns have a great experience with successful and fulfilling internships, and also get to learn about the enriching Spanish culture.

Since 2001 Global Experiences has been a trusted international internship partner to over 60 top colleges and universities, and to thousands of employers worldwide, helping them grow through the recruitment of talented, highly ambitious interns from the world’s top universities. The fees are paid directly by the student, their university and their financial aid as part of their degree program and professional development. Global Experiences recruit, screen and present candidates. Employers review, decide who to interview, and who to bring on board at no cost for the company. It’s that simple.

What she loves the most about her job is the huge impact that she makes on students’ lives through her guidance and how their lives change thanks to the experience of living abroad and getting immersed in the culture.

What we like about them

  Over 40 career fields to choose from and over 15 cities
  Inma has plenty of experience living abroad herself

In their own words

Take your study abroad experience as something that is part of growing up and enjoy this unique opportunity to the fullest because this chance may only happen once in your lifetime“. Inma


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