Innovative work spaces in Barcelona and Madrid

Founder & CEO Anna Martínez Balañá

Flexible, private, well designed workspaces you can book in a few clicks and pay by the hour. After graduating from her Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESADE, Anna Martínez Balañá founded Sheltair. Here she tells MumAbroad Life about her vision.

What is Sheltair and why is it of interest to MumAbroad members?

Sheltair offers a broad range of rooms for meetings, workshops and training for professionals. All the rooms are decorated to a high standard, with a modern, minimalist and functional decoration. Spaces can be booked via an app and users are only charged for the time of occupancy; there are no half day or full day charges. The rooms can be booked with as little as 2 minutes notice prior to use and can be used for a minimum of half an hour and for up to 3 months. The Sheltair spaces offer a flexible cost-efficient alternative to meetings rooms in hotels, co-workings and noisy cafeterias. There are currently over 20 Sheltair spaces in Barcelona and Madrid including rooms just a few minutes walk away from both Sants and Atocha.

How does Sheltair work?

You can book through the website or through the app – on these you can see all the different spaces available and their locations, from XS spaces to XL spaces, depending on your requirements. Once you choose one of them, you make the payment online and the space is yours to enjoy.

When you arrive at the space, you can open the door with the app or by clicking the link you have received by email. There is no need to coordinate with anyone at Sheltair about your time of arrival. Inside Sheltair spaces you can find everything you need for your meetings, training or the activity you have planned to do there: water, coffee, pens to write on the whiteboards, office equipment, sweets etc.

Where did the idea come from?

Founder and CEO of Sheltair, Anna Martinez Balañá, was doing her Master’s Degree at ESADE when she realised that some students needed to do projects for companies, as freelancers, but didn’t really have a convenient office space to work in. She saw that there were a lot of freelancers working from home or from cafes and she realised that there was a gap in the market for providing temporary flexible work space without the need for paying for a co-working space.

“Space has always been very important for me. The space where we are, where we create, where we talk with other people, usually makes a significant impact on the results we are trying to achieve. The reason why I founded Sheltair was to democratize the private office and make interesting spaces available to whoever needs them in a flexible on-demand way.”


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