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Institut Fénelon, Grasse

The Fénelon Institute is a private Catholic school, made up of 5 different sites based in the heart of the town of Grasse, a town on the French Riviera, in the hills north of Cannes. Founded in 1919, at the request of families from Grasse, the Institute incorporates 2 primary schools (Jeanne d’Arc founded in 1606, situated in the historic centre of the town and Saint Marthe founded in 1831, close to the Court House), a collège (close to the train station), a lycée general and technological (the main site of the institute since 1919) and a Centre for Higher Education (based in the heart of the hitorical part of town since 2000).

Contact Details:
Sainte-Marthe School: 21 avenue Chiris, 06130 Grasse
Jeanne d’Arc School, 6 rue Tracastel, 06130 Grasse
Middle School: 122 avenue Pierre Sémard, 06130 Grasse
High School: 7 avenue YE Baudoin, 06130 Grasse
Higher Education: 15 boulevard Crouët, 06130 Grasse

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