Institut Fénelon, Grasse

March 21, 2018 | France, Nice, Nice education, Schools Nice

The Institut Fénelon is a private Catholic school teaching the French curriculum to pupils from Primary through to Lycée.


The Institut Fénelon is made up of 5 different sites based in the heart of the town of Grasse, a town on the French Riviera, in the hills north of Cannes.

Founded in 1919, at the request of families from Grasse, the Institute incorporates the following 5 campuses:

  • Jeanne d’Arc, founded in 1606, situated in the historic centre of the town
  • Saint Marthe founded in 1831, close to the Court House
  • A collège (close to the train station)
  • A lycée general and technological (the main site of the institute since 1919)
  • A Centre for Higher Education (based in the heart of the historical part of town since 2000)

The British International Section of the Institut Fénelon has one or two classes per level. It offers its students, most of whom are bilingual, the opportunity to maintain a high level of English through English language tuition. Students in the International section follow the same pace as all the other students in the collège and lycée, studying the French national curriculum, and share with them numerous projects around the key themes of the institute’s educational project.

During Lycée, international students can choose to study The International Option of the French Baccalaureate, allowing them to take either of the following courses in English:

  • One written and one oral exam in History and Geography
  • One written and one oral exam in Language and Literature

Students in the International Section are able to follow the same Christian instruction program as that made available to all Institut Fénelon students.


The school’s website only has information in English about the school’s curriculum and educational project. For admissions visit the school’s website in French and follow links to find out more.


The Institut Fénelon is based in the town of Grasse, and is a 50-minute drive from Nice and a 30-minute drive from Cannes.

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Contact Details:
Sainte-Marthe School: 21 avenue Chiris, 06130 Grasse
Jeanne d’Arc School, 6 rue Tracastel, 06130 Grasse
Middle School: 122 avenue Pierre Sémard, 06130 Grasse
High School: 7 avenue YE Baudoin, 06130 Grasse
Higher Education: 15 boulevard Crouët, 06130 Grasse

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