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Institut Moisès Broggi, Barcelona

Moisès Broggi is the only public high school in Barcelona authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB), a demanding, well respected degree accepted by universities all over the world. IB students at Moisès Broggi follow a demanding curriculum and choose to specialise in either Science & Technology or Social Sciences. Upon graduation from this dual degree programme students obtain both the IB and the local Batxillerat. Students can also opt for the Batxibac in Arts, Science and Technology, and Humanities and graduates can take the official exam for the Baccalauréat. The school strives to give students the competencies necessary to develop as individuals, both personally and professionally, and become active citizens that reflect the culture around them and are capable of making a place for themselves in the professional world.
Language of instruction: Catalan
Other languages: Spanish, English, French

Contact Details:

C/de Sant Quintí, 32-50, 08041 Barcelona / +34 93 436 89 03 /

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