Interesting Ideas to Help You Become a Digital Nomad

July 22, 2022 | Blog, Work Life

The digital nomad lifestyle has increasingly become popular over the years. Remote work is a result of the advancements of software engineering companies worldwide. The passion for technology and a strong conviction to get ahead is what moves young professionals. These are people who have found new ways to produce value.

Becoming a digital nomad is now easier due to high globalization levels. In this article, we’ll show you the most useful ideas you can apply to grow your career path as a digital professional. Pay attention to the following data to know the appealing advantages of working digitally wherever you want. 

These countries give visas for digital nomads to settle and build their careers


Interesting Ideas to Help You Become a Digital Nomad

Germany is the country that gives most temporary visas for digital nomads worldwide to live and work there for 36 months.


According to Statista, here are the top countries that grant Visas to digital nomads worldwide in 2022. These are arranged by Visa validity period:


Country Months of Validity
Germany  36
Cayman Islands  24
Costa Rica  24
Antigua and Barbuda  24
Norway  24
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 12
Spain  12
Croatia  12
Czech Republic 12
Estonia  12

Four Key Tips to Becoming a Digital Nomad in 2022


In the following paragraphs, you’ll see a list of ideas you can put into practice to gain skills and shape your professional profile as a digital nomad. Get ready to succeed in the gig economy over the next few years.

Progressively Reduce Location Ties and Expenses


Eliminate things that tie you to a specific location. Reducing physical ties to a place or material things is key to becoming a digital nomad. Being a global professional is about taking a travelling lifestyle. Depend neither emotionally nor economically on a company or a city. Get rid of daily routines so you can become an explorer.

Shaping your digitized economy without rigid work schedules and salaries is possible if you periodically invest time and money to move from one place to another. It’s all about going to where you find the best opportunities in the market at that very moment. 

Join a Digital Nomad Community 


Log in to forums and groups on social media platforms to get knowledge on the processes of becoming a digital nomad. Learn from experienced professionals who have already travelled worldwide. Remember that digital nomads usually have two ways to produce a high income; passive income or professional services in the gig economy. 

They’re freelance workers who use technology to create added value with innovative services for companies’ projects. Many organizations hire freelancers to outsource their work. A digital nomad can negotiate contract terms to change cities or countries while working. 

Identify Your Skills and Utilize Them 


Once you’re aware of the potential of your technical and soft skills, you’ll be able to monetize on the things you do best. Right now, we can see in-demand skills like data science, English, copywriting, design, content management, and product management. These skills can earn a high income if you learn to position your professional brand in the marketplace. 

For a digital nomad, these elements are essential to create a customer portfolio and expanding services. Evaluate which skills fit better in your curriculum according to your prior work experience. Analyze the market and do a little survey to determine what skills are better to offer in the market segment you’re currently covering. 

Become a Freelancer 


The freelance industry is large but also very competitive. Position yourself as an effective professional who offers different approaches to every service, task, and project development. You can bid your services on the most attended international freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Flexjobs.



In summary, there’s no exact formula to becoming a digital nomad. However, there are many ways you can lead your career path towards a high level of success if you take on travelling as a life project. Digital nomadism is not only to make money but also to discover the best life experiences. 

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