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International Teacher Recruitment Consultants, 49 Thirty Two, is a company formed by teachers to serve the needs of schools and other teachers on
a not for profit basis. They have a great deal of experience as international heads, school leaders and inspectors but also most importantly, as teachers. Co-founder and CEO Stephen Rogers has been a head teacher for over 15 years in the Middle East and Europe and co-founder Joyce Tabbal Rogers is a qualified language teacher and middle leader with experience in curriculum development. She oversaw the planning and development of an entire Arabic curriculum with regards to local requirements and modern language teaching pedagogy in the UAE and has extensive experience in both academic and pastoral roles in the UK, the Middle East and Europe.



Whether teachers are looking for a move abroad or perhaps just a term’s work, 49 Thirty Two know that finding the right position is sometimes a lottery. They are fortunate in that they have a team that has recent experience of leading and inspecting schools across the world and the UK and candidates can benefit from that experience.

They will only recommend schools that they believe are the best fit for you and your career. It’s important that schools and teachers are perfectly matched and that is where 49 Thirty Two know they can help. They have been recruiting teachers for top international schools all over the world and we are confident that they know what schools are looking for.

If you are an experienced and qualified teacher living with your family in Europe, an international school in your city of residence could be an ideal place of work so get in touch Their services to teachers are and always will be free.



49 Thirty Two  understand the needs of schools as they have spent their lives working in them. They also understand how perfect it would be to have a school partner who can help in the way you want, when you need it.

Take a look below at their various services below:

  • Teacher recruitment
  • Staff Training
  • Student Behaviour
  • Leadership Development
  • Head/Principal Support
  • School Development Plan
  • Target Setting
  • Curriculum Development
  • Safeguarding

What we like about them

  Their vast experience means they understand the needs of teachers and education establishments.
  They only recommend best fit schools / teachers.
  Services for teachers are free

In their own words

We hope that our conviction that teachers are the most important people that work in schools has been born out in our meetings and communications with the hundreds of colleagues we have met and spoken to. It means that we treat teachers with the respect they deserve and that we don’t treat them like commodities or numbers on a spreadsheet. We talk to them about teaching as much as anything else and we know that great teachers are as varied and different as the children they teach.” Joyce Tabbal Rogers



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