International Women Building Businesses Abroad

August 1, 2022 |
International Women Building Businesses Abroad

Clodagh Beaty & Natasha Kennedy

International Women Building Businesses Abroad (IWBB) – founded in 2015, the group was set up as a free networking group designed for women living in Spain who have a business or are thinking about setting one up. It is an incredibly supportive group full of help, advice and friendship. More recently Natasha and Clodagh founded IWBB Vault, a membership programme for female entrepreneurs. Natasha moved to Madrid and set up a TEFL Training business in 2006 on a limited budget and with a lot of enthusiasm. The company grew and Natasha now owns a range of brands under the umbrella of LETS Education. Clodagh is also a business mentor and strategist for women entrepreneurs and a human resources and people development specialist. In 2012 Clodagh relocated to Spain where she co-founded the Emotional Salary Barometer, an online tool which measures the Emotional Salary of a working individual.

IWBB networking and Facebook group has over 3,000 members and offers:

👉 support & advice for women setting up & running a business
👉 a community of like-minded women
👉 direct & clear business advice based on experience & knowledge of the local market
👉 in-person networking events
👉 safe & supportive online space

IWBB Vault offers members all of the above plus:

👉 a range of good quality resources
👉 training by experts
👉 virtual co-working sessions
👉 dedicated private Facebook group


See more Women in Business in Spain including coaches, doulas, education advisors, osteopaths and relocation sepcialists.

What we like about them

  All about sharing knowledge and experience
  Great community of like minded and supportive women
  Natasha & Clodagh are both successful business owners in their own right

In their own words

We want to share our experiences with as many women as possible, so you have a place to get reliable information, support and feel you have a partner on this wild ride!” Natasha & Clodagh



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