International Women’s Day 2024

February 9, 2024 | Blog, Work Life

This year MumAbroad are joining forces with Canela PR in committing to the Stop Working for Change initiative. 

Our team will be downing tools on 8th March for International Women’s Day, alongside other organisations around the world to support this important campaign advocating for the equality of women in the workplace.

Stop working for change International Women's Day 2024

The Stop Working for Change Initiative


In Spain and Portugal, only 6 out of every 100 CEOs are women. Just 20% of experts quoted by the media are women and the gender pay gap is 15% in Spain & 16.7% in Portugal. While these are the statistics for the two countries, we know that other countries are experiencing similarly disappointing parallels.

To put a stop to this and make a significant impact, Canela is inviting other organisations to Stop Working for Change. 84% of Canela’s workforce are female and none of the agency’s employees will work on International Women’s Day with the aim of highlighting the relevance of women in the communication sector.

At MumAbroad our team is made up predominantly of women, so this is an important cause which we invite you to make your own as well.


Gender pay gap

How to Get Involved

On 8th March 2024, set up an OOO (Out of Office) message in your email explaining why your team won’t be working on International Women’s Day. You can download helpful resources and social media assets from the campaign website (but you are also welcome to create your own).

The initiative is not a one-day marketing campaign but a commitment to real and lasting change. So while we recognise the significance of honouring this date, we also commit to longer-term action.

Another important aspect of Stop Working For Change is that organisations pledge their support to an NGO working to further the empowerment of women. During the rest of the year, the campaign asks organisations to donate at least eight hours to an NGO dedicated to female empowerment.

If you’d like your organisation to be part of the Stop Working For Change movement in 2024, get in touch with Canela.

Working with 4Voices to Empower Young People

Empower Young People

The NGO MumAbroad will be supporting is 4Voices, a pioneering programme that provides students, undergraduates and young workers and entrepreneurs with the public speaking skills to confidently use their voices.

Their professional team of award-winning public speakers provide one-to-one coaching, in-person and online courses and workshops and mentoring as part of 4Voices impressive public speaking events.

“Speaking in public is one of the most important acts of courage there is. Standing alone, vulnerable and exposed but driven to be there by a passion to share your opinion, raise your voice and be an instrument of change in yourself and others! Public speaking is fun, it is life changing and it is an act of courage available to everyone. At 4Voices we are proud to provide the opportunity for these inspiring young people to change the world!” – Cormac Walsh

4Voices Barcelona 2024 Public Speaking Event

In its third edition, 4Voices Barcelona 2024 will welcome 12 teenagers to the prestigious CosmoCaixa stage on 27th April for an exceptional public speaking event. Each participant chosen will be mentored and coached in public speaking to prepare a 5-minute speech based on a particular theme.

This year’s chosen subject “The Digital Jungle” will no doubt inspire many thought-provoking perspectives and conversations, as young people navigate the challenges and complexities of life online.

The 4Voices team works closely with young people to improve their confidence and give them the deeply valuable gift of communication skills. We are delighted to support this fantastic partner organisation as part of our contribution to the Stop Working For Change initiative.

Read more about the Stop Working for Change campaign and how your workplace can get involved.

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