International Women’s Health Center

October 3, 2017 | Healthcare, Madrid, Maternity Services, Spain

An international interdisciplinary team of specialists focusing on women’s health issues. Their objective is to provide women-oriented individualized patient care. They offer a wide range of gynecological exams as well as pregnancy check-ups. The obstetrician and team of midwives are happy to attend your labour and birth. Their midwives are specially trained lactation consultants with whom you can either book an appointment at the center or ask for a home visit. They also organize birth preparation classes in English, weekly yoga and pilates classes for moms-to-be, for recent moms with their babies and for women in general. The Center is located in the center of Madrid across the street from the American Embassy.

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C/Serrano, 98, 28006 Madrid / +34 911 297 121 / /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I would strongly recommend the new International Women’s Health Center Madrid, in the Hospital HM Nuevo Belen. The IWHCM was founded by Dr Kamilla Hallier, an outstanding German obstetrician in Madrid who is fluent in English. Kamilla, and her midwife Ann-Sophie Borchadt, fully redesigned the birthing facilities in mid-2013, to provide a safe and peaceful environment, with birthing pools and other options to facilitate a natural delivery, but with full medical equipment and staff available if required. The level of care is absolutely top quality – Kamilla and her team are friendly, attentive and supportive. Their focus is on childbirth as a natural process and supporting the mother (and father too) without intervening unless medically required. I also love the team’s approach post-birth – our baby stayed with us from the moment of birth onwards. (Sarah)

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