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Welcome to MumAbroad’s YouTube Channel and podcast where we chat to English-speaking women relocating to Europe, namely Spain, France, Italy and Germany,  about everything from lockdown and relocation to multilingualism and education. There are many challenges to face for any family or individual on their relocation journey. We hope to be able to allay some of those fears by sharing tips with those who have done it. We have also been talking to headteachers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, therapists, business advisors and many more experts in specific fields. Please subscribe to the MumAbroad Life YouTube channel and turn on notifications to ensure you don’t miss out!

You can also subscribe directly to MumAbroad founder Carrie Frais’s podcast ‘The Soundtrack to My Life’ and ‘Notes on Leadership’ on her Mixcloud platform 

If you prefer the written word, go visit our blog page for more relocation interviews, QnA’s with experts, entrepreneurs and specialists in their field in Spain, France, Italy & Germany.