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Isabella Renirie is a young psychologist working as an empowerment coach for teenage girls. During her Bachelor of psychology from the University of Maastricht (UCM), she wrote her dissertation on the neurodevelopment of adolescents, risk-seeking behaviour and the integration of emotions and cognition. She then received her master degree in Behaviour and Cognition, which focused on the study and research of different areas of personality, psychological assessment and treatment, neuroscience and neuroplasticity. She strongly believes that girls can sometimes use help in writing their success stories, to be encouraged to dream big and be reminded that they are more than capable. She wants to help them set their minds for success and positivity, and to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that they have, instead of struggling with things like confidence issues, perfectionism, and self-doubt. That’s why she started her empowerment project for teenage girls, not only coaching but also developing workshops to create a space where girls can be themselves, share with one another, learn and develop their self-awareness. With the ability to relate, her age, open-mindedness, and with a touch of humour, she is able to easily develop meaningful relationships with Millennials of different ages.

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