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Iseult Harrington

Aprende Valenciano was founded by Iseult Harrington. She designed the platform in conjunction with a local teacher to provide entry-level knowledge for expats, parents and children, to learn the local Valenciano language in an engaging, dynamic way. All courses and content have been designed as a direct result of Iseult’s own learning experience.

If you have children enrolled in or about to start local Valencian schools, you might be overwhelmed with the number of subjects they have to study in the local Valencian language. Maybe you are afraid they will fall behind? Or perhaps you might be struggling to help them with their homework as you don’t know the language? Aprende Valenciano can help with all of this. You will find fun and very informative mini-lessons, vocabulary, verbs and games on their Facebook and Instagram accounts every day, and videos to help with pronunciation on their YouTube channel.

They offer online one-to-one classes tailored to the needs of each student from beginners to advanced, as well as a fully online self-study Valencian course for complete beginners that consists of 60 short but very dynamic video classes, accompanied by downloadable explanations with the most useful vocabulary, verbs and grammar needed to get by.

The course can be started at any time and has no expiry date, though it typically takes about 6 months to complete. It is suitable for both kids and adults and can be studied at your own pace either on your computer, tablet or phone. The videos can be listened to as many times as you want. It’s perfect for parents who want to help their children do their homework.

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