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October 21, 2021 | Blog, Wellbeing

IVF Spain was founded by Ruth Pellow in 2010. “The service that we offer is unique in that unlike most agencies, you have a fully qualified fertility nurse specialist, (me, Ruth), who has personally visited all of the clinics we work with to ensure that they have the same ethos towards patient care as I do, as well as maintaining good success rates. I will personally be planning, coordinating and supporting you throughout the treatment cycle and beyond.” Ruth talked to MumAbroad Life about the dedicated service she provides to each couple she supports.

Personal fertility nurse available around the clock


Ruth, can you tell us a bit about your background?


I am a fully qualified fertility nurse. I finished my general nursing training 1991. It was while I was working on a maternity ward at the Royal London Hospital, that I met patients that were going through fertility treatment. It was from the stories told by these women that made me decide that I wanted to specialise in this field of medicine. Since then I have worked at a private clinic in Harley Street, London, spent nearly ten years as the senior nurse at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and at a clinic on the Costa del Sol, Spain for nearly five years before setting up my own business.

Why did you found IVF Spain?


We recognised that going through fertility treatment was a stressful time for couples and by going self-employed we could offer couples a wider choice of clinics that they could go to, whilst still having a UK trained fertility nurse guiding and supporting them throughout their treatment. This has been very successful as many couples can understandably be worried about ethics, procedures and levels of patient care in a foreign clinic. We are happy to assure you that for the most part foreign clinics are as good as any in the UK and that they will have the clients best interests at heart, particularly the ones that we decide we would like to work with and that we offer to you.

You founded the company with your husband Simon – how do you work as a team?


I am the medical side of the equation while Simon deals with promoting our services, websites and content and keeping our household running.

Why do you recommend going abroad for IVF treatment?


The world is a smaller place these days and treatment abroad does not have to be a scary option. There are more choices in terms of treatments available with no waiting times in most cases where treatment in the UK can often be a protracted process. We also find that patients tend to be more relaxed when coming for treatment in a foreign country, and indeed, this is the feedback that we have received from many, many patients that we have treated.


IVF treatment spain

photo: @johnlooy on unsplash

What services do IVF Spain offer?


I am dedicated to providing you with the best possible levels of patient care and to give you the best chance of achieving that BFP, (Big Fat Positive). I plan and co-ordinate
your treatment in conjunction with your own consultant or GP if they are involved and the clinic that best suits your requirements. This includes making your appointments, arranging prescriptions, and providing a treatment plan which tells you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. I will also advise on any scans or tests that I feel might be necessary before starting treatment and can recommend places to have these carried out. I support you every step of the way and often patients tell me that by being able to text me and get a quick reply has reduced their stress levels when undergoing treatment.

How do you decide which is the most suitable clinic for a patient?


This is determined by the detailed conversation I have with each patient to identify what we want from any clinic in terms of treatment or donor options. That chat and knowing the clinics and their strengths and weaknesses, helps me to help them to choose the right clinic for them. I don’t play favourites, it is what the patient needs that guides my choice of clinic.

Do the staff in each clinic speak English?


Oh yes! I wouldn’t work with them otherwise as this is crucial.

What IVF and egg donation treatments are available in Spain?


Both IVF and egg donation treatment are available in Spain. Please note that donation is anonymous in Spain unlike in the UK where donors can be contacted by resulting children when they reach 18 years of age. In Spain you are given non-identifying information on any donor used and there is no opportunity for contact with the donor.

What are the success rates in Spain?


This varies from clinic to clinic and depending on how many embryos are replaced but with one embryo replaced the chances of pregnancy is normally between 50-60% and where 2 embryos replaced the chances of pregnancy is between 60-75%.

Roughly what is the cost of treatment in Spain?


Again, this varies from clinic to clinic but with the clinics I work with IVF using your own eggs is between 4000-5000 euros (medications are on top of this cost and can be
around 1000 euros) and for egg donation the cost is between 6400-7000 euros.

How do you see IVF developing over the next 10 years?


In the next 10 years I think we will see the use of PGS or embryo biopsy to check the chromosomal makeup of the embryo used more and potentially done on a routine basis rather than only in certain cases as it is now. Sperm selection will also progress so that we can better identify the best sperms to use in treatment. The right point to implant embryos will be easier to identify using womb lining biopsies so that pregnancy rates will be higher.


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