Janette Adams – Teacher & Educator

November 16, 2020 | Catalonia, Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Janette Adams, a fully qualified primary school teacher from Scotland, has worked as a principal teacher, acting headteacher and has gained valuable experience working in the international school sector. She is passionate about storytelling and the positive impact it can have on developing language skills in young children. She founded Activo English in 2020 to provide English language learning for young children, using storytelling and project based learning where your child can choose to develop their language skills in a small group setting or one to one with highly qualified teachers. Online interactive classes use storytelling, role play, and project-based learning providing children with engaging, imaginative, and memorable lessons. When children read, listen, and retell stories they are developing a wide range of new vocabulary whilst improving fluency and comprehension skills. Janette believes learning should be interactive , engaging and fun.

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