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June 27, 2022 |
Janette Bremner Maat Family

Pre and Postnatal Packages

Janette Bremner, founder of Maat Family, was a health visitor in the UK for over 20 years before relocating to Spain. She offers advice, support and information to help parents in whatever area they wish, most commonly, sleep, behaviour, mealtimes and routines. After just a short sleep or behaviour programme parents will see things improve to such a degree that the whole family will have renewed energy and ability to enjoy life together.

If things are going well Janette can help parents work out what will be coming their way next, help them establish good habits and prevent difficulties. Where necessary, initial or additional assessment of a child’s development will help inform them of any specific needs a child has. All programmes are tailored to the individual parents, children, home, lifestyle and parenting goals. Programmes are offered by video conference and phone discussion, with email and text support if needed; it can also be arranged to see clients in the home if covid restrictions permit.

Programmes available include: Sleep management packages, Feeding/ mealtime management packages Behaviour management packages, Combination packages and Development assessment. Janette also offers an antenatal package comprising three contacts and postnatal packages comprising 8-12 contacts.  Janette has successfully run antenatal classes in the NHS and has supported thousands of parents postnatally as a family health visitor.

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What we like about them

  Individualised support and advice packages
  You can choose to meet virtually or face to face
  Leaves parents with a renewed energy

In their own words

So many have been shocked at their inability to cope with just one new baby when they were used to being successful people, managing large teams of people, a class full of children, a multi-national workforce or even their previous older child with ease. Children have a habit of turning life upside down. They can make parents feel incompetent, nervous, anxious and at times it can be overwhelming. Even the good bits can be overshadowed by what calamity might come next. Whether parents face lack of sleep, challenging behaviour, fussy eating or one of the many ways children decide to create waves, I can help work out what is happening and will help parents find solutions which help not only the issue but family life in general. Things do not need to be in crisis to benefit from me.” Janette


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